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Maps List

  1. A map of the Garforth NP area  link
  2. a map of the area and green belt within link
  3. a map of the 2013 proposed site allocations link
  4. a map of green corridor (from the  GNPF greenspace assessment ) link
  5. A map of the proposed HS2 route through Garforth link
  6. a map of the designated green spaces link
  7. a map of proposed new green spaces still to do link
  8. a map of children's play areas link
  9. a map of proposed employment sites including town centre link
  10. a map of the Leeds habitat network link
  11. the Defra map of agricultural classification link
  12. a map of the landscape character link
  13. a map of the development in Garforth  3 dates 1899   1939   Present Day
  14. a map of recent infill  still to do

Maps Drawn by LCC for Plan

  1. Map 1 Garforth A4 NA Boundary link
  2. Map 1A Garforth A4 Listed Heritage Assets link
  3. Map 3 Garforth A4 SAP Green Space link
  4. Map 4 Garforth A4 SAP Employment and Housing link
  5. Map 5 Garforth A4 Green Belt link
  6. Map 6 Garforth A4 Special Landscape Area link
  7. Map 7 Garforth A4 Strategic Green Infrastructure link
  8. Map 8 Garforth A4 Leeds Habitat Network link
  9. Map 9 Garforth A4 Character Areas link
  10. Map 10 Garforth A4 Non-Designated Heritage Assets link
  11. Map 11 Garforth A4 Employment Sites link
  12. Map 12 Garforth A4 Town Centre link
  13. Map 12A Garforth A4 Town Centre Parking link
  14. Map 13 Garforth A4 Town End link
  15. Map 14 Garforth A4 Community Facilities link
  16. Map 15 Garforth A4 Children’s Play link
  17. Map16 Garforth A4 Local Green Space link
  18. Map17 Garforth A4 Green Space Improvement Sites link
  19. Map 18 Garforth A4 Green Corridors link
  20. Map 19 Garforth A4 Green Infrastructure opportunities Link
  21. Map 20 Garforth A4 Public Rights Of Way link
  22. Map 21 Garforth A4 Biodiversity and Leeds Habitat Network link
  23. Map 22 Garforth A4 Landscape Character Key Views link
  24. Map 23 Farforth A4 Tree Planting Opportunities link
  25. Map 24 Garforth A4 Healthcare GPs link
  26. Map 25 Garforth A4 Existing Schools link
  27. Map 27 Garforth A4 Character Area 1 West Garforth link
  28. Map 28 Garforth A4 Character Area 2 Church Garforth link
  29. Map 29 Garforth A4 Character Area 3 Long Meadows and Wimpey Estates link
  30. Map 30 Garforth A4 Character Area 4 East Garforth link
  31. Map 31 Garforth A4 Character Area 5 Lotherton Industrial Estate link
  32. Map 32 Garforth A4 Character Area 6 Oak Estate and Crescent-Oval Estate link
  33. Map 33 Garforth A4 Character Area 7 Central Garforth link
  34. Map 34 Garforth A4 Lin Dyke Catchment Area link
  35. Map 35 Garforth A4 Land Classification link
  36. Map 36 Garforth A4 DEFRA Agricultural Land Classification link
  37. Map 37 Garforth A4 Land Character Assessment v2 link


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