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Vision and Objectives

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In 2028 Garforth will be:

  • a great place to live, work and play with a strong sense of community;
  • a place that retains a distinctive identity, yet responds to the economic growth and expansion of the City of Leeds and provides opportunities for residents, of all ages, to achieve the highest possible quality of life;
  • a place that provides a wide range of affordable, sustainable homes that meet the needs of all of its people at all stages of life;
  • a place where developments and associated infrastructure changes are designed to benefit the community as a whole;
  • a place that is attractive, where it is safe and enjoyable to get around;
  • a place with excellent public transport links which meet the needs of local people;
  • a place with a vibrant  town centre where a broad range of local businesses can develop and thrive;
  • a place with a thriving and re-invigorated commercial and industrial area  offering a range of well paid jobs for local people;
  • a place with excellent facilities – schools, health care services, leisure and social provision;
  • a place with a Town Council that champions the needs of local people;
  • Housing
    • to provide a range of different types of homes and a greater range of affordable housing, to buy or rent, meeting the needs of young people, families and senior residents;
    • to successfully integrate new homes into the town in a way that does not increase pressure on the existing physical infrastructure; to ensure specifically that all new developments address issues of drainage and flooding;
    • to ensure all new build housing meets high standards of design and sustainability;
  • Business and Employment
    • To create new employment opportunities for local residents whilst protecting existing jobs;
    • To promote job opportunities for school leavers and young people;
    • To create a more active and attractive town centre that will encourage local people to use the facilities thereby supporting local businesses and provide a hub for the town;
  • Transport
    • to promote sustainable travel choices;
    • to improve provision for pedestrians and cyclists;
    • to manage the impact of traffic and ensure the necessary improvements to the towns road network to safeguard the quality of peoples lives;
    • to ensure new developments/businesses do not adversely affect traffic flow;
    • to ensure car parking supports the viability of the town centre and railway stations;
    • to ensure new housing is connected to the town and railway stations via good pedestrian, cycle and bus links;
  • Community, leisure and well-being
    • to support, maintain and improve existing community facilities and services;
    • to support the development of community services and facilities to reflect the growth of the community;
    • to increase the amount of parks, sports facilities and green space within the town and promote healthy and active lifestyles;
    • to seek to protect the green corridor around the town and to maintain and improve public access to this area;
    • to seek to protect and enhance biodiversity within green spaces and the surrounding countryside;
    • to ensure all children and young people have easy and safe access to play areas;
  • Health and Education
    • To ensure sufficient pre-school, nursery, primary, secondary and 6th Form school places are available for all those living in the town;
    • To work with health providers to ensure reasonable and equitable access to health services for all residents;
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